This section covers the Occasional Papers series and other publications by members of the Conflict Simulation Group.

Occasional Papers

Over the past decade the Conflict Simulation Group has used a variety of wargames in class. The Occasional Papers series is primarily intended to publish these together with any other material that might be interesting for other wargamers. Publications will usually be accompanied by a blog entry offering further explanations and in some cases further material.

Please note that copies produced for online retailers outside Germany will be in black&white only.

Occasional Papers no 1:

Wintjes, J. and Pielström, S. 2022. Sussex Sorrows. A set of Kriegsspiel rules including the supplements Doom of Eastbourne and Useful Idiots And Insufferable Geniuses. Norderstedt: BoD. ISBN: 978-3756852352.

For additional information see this blog entry, for suggestions for tokens see this blog entry.

Occasional Papers no 2:

Wintjes, J. and Pielström, S. 2023. Der Krieg von 1866 im preussischen Kriegsspiel. Eine Anleitung. Norderstedt: BoD. ISBN: 978-3758308987.

Please note that this publication. which is the result of running 1866-themed Kriegsspiele at the German Führungsakademie is in German. It expands on the notes on running a Kriegsspiel provided in this blog entry and provides information on how to apply the 1867 Tschischwitz ruleset to 1866-themed scenarios.

Occasional Papers no 3:

Wintjes, J. and Pielström, S. (in preparation). La Pluie de Balles – Invasion Scare as Conflict Simulation.

The third publication in the Occasional Papers series will provide the rules for CoSimG’s gamefied Kriegsspiel, Pluie de Balles; for more information see here and here (external link).

Other Publications on conflict simulation and related topics by members of the Conflict Simulation Group:

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